Offering and tribute to the gipsy victims of Samudaripen in Auschwitz

Due to the celebration of the 72th Anniversary of Auschwitz concentration camp Liberation, last 27th of January, a cortege of 25 people representing the Roma community of Spain, Italy, Poland and Germany, met in this place to remember and honour the gipsy victims of Samudaripen.


The visit to the concentration camp and the tribute to the victims are two of the main activities of the European project Mem-Rom (Reflection and Memory of the Roma Holocaust), which main aim is to make visible the genocide suffered by the gipsy people during the II World War and to recover its historical memory in order to avoid this cruelty happening again.


Most of the participants of this touching event, were visiting Auschwitz for the first time and they agree when considering the great emotional impact caused by the visit. They also agree when pointing out the contained rage and sadness caused by the fact of observing and walking through the same places where too many human beings were killed.


After a guided visit to the museum and surroundings of Auschwitz I, they carried out the tribute and offering in Auschwitz II- Birkenau, where there was the well-known as “the gipsy families’ camp”. Carrying a wreath with solemnity and a gipsy flag, respectfully and silently, the cortege walked to the place of the tribute where the presidents of each of the partner organization told some words about their feelings. Words of pain, incredulity and sadness, but also words of hope and strength, that empower to fight against racism that still exists in Europe and America.


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